Why Are Many People Reluctant To Shop Online?

With so many online stores opening in the past year, many people have been very reluctant to place their trust in them.

We recently asked our Instagram followers to weigh in on this topic and this is what they had to say about customer service, trustworthiness, sizing, and other reasons why they are disinclined to shop online.


Quality is among some of the issues that women have when deciding to order from online stores. One of our Instagram followers mentioned that many stores carry cheaper versions of an item and price them for way more than what they are worth. In reality this may be true. A lot of companies remanufacture the latest and hottest trends. So, it is very likely that you will see very similar items at a variety of different prices. It is your job as the consumer to do your homework. If you are unsure about an item you would like to purchase send an email to the company asking them for a description and materials of the item.

Plus Size

One of the main issues that came up many times was that many stores do not carry plus sizes. Women are definitely a creature that comes in so many different shapes and sizes. In fact, there are many online plus sized stores. Google it and you come up with more than 126 million results.


Another issue that women find when trying to place online orders is that items are often not true to size. An item being true to size for example is a size small fitting like a small. Not like an x-small or a medium but an actual small. If you have worries of your item not fitting you correctly, see whether the site offers a size chart. A size chart shows all measurement needed to help assist you with your buy. Although every piece does differ, it can also help to email the company and the specifications of a particular item.

Customer Service

More than four out of five (81%) say they want a quick response, regardless of how they contacted service. People want answers and they want them right away. There are many ways to help assist customers on your site around the clock. For example, having a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page can help with recurring questions that almost every shopper has. Assign employees to email only. If a customer emails a company on a purchase they would like to buy now, a response 24-48 hours later will not help close the deal. Also, having a live chat on your website is a faster way of ensuring customers that their questions will be answered sooner rather than later.


If you don’t live under a rock than you know the amount of credit card fraud that happens. Many consumers fear much of the identity theft comes from the Internet, etc. It is extremely important that your website feels like a secure shopping experience for the user. Make sure you have all the trust seals in place, SSL certificates, etc. to make consumers feel they can shop in your online store without a fear of their credit card information being jeopardized.


-Gaelle Mompoint

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