Top Five Iconic Fashion Moments

The times are changing. It is a fact that applies to everything, including an industry that thrives on reinvention. No matter if one loves fashion or not – the clothes we wear, and the shoes we choose speak of a particular style and preference that a person cultivates and keeps to. Just like many industries today that are constantly developing, upgrading, and adapting to the world and times we live in, it is safe to say that the fashion industry is one with a rich, interesting, creative, and history-defining base.


From that time until today, these are Coco Brooke’s top five iconic fashion moments:


1911: Paul Poiret and the birth of the fashion editorial


The purest representation that fashion is part of the art department comes from designer Paul Poiret, who elevated it to the level and status of an art form. Although working as a classic designer and showing off his designs to his clientele, the defining moment happened in 1911 when the fine-art photographer Edward Steichen shot Poiret's designs for the April issue of Art et Decoration magazine, which will later be acknowledged as one of the earliest fashion editorials. 


1926: Coco Chanel's LBD


Coco Chanel might not have invented the little black dress, but the fashion term is forever linked to her name. In particular, it was back in 1926 when Vogue published a drawing of a calf-length black Chanel design which from that moment on will be recognized as the LBD – the must-have staple in every woman's closet.


1947: Dior’s new look  


Another turning point in fashion history was on February 12, 1947. Dior's SS47 Couture collection which featured 90 silhouettes was regarded as the one defining the "new look". The new look featured lines and looks that were feminine and celebrated women's proportions. 


2001: Halle Berry Oscar’s look


Not only has that particular moment defined the actress's career, but it also set the tone in fashion. Berry was the first woman of color to win an award for the best actress, and for that occasion, she wore a burgundy gown with a sheer top and floral embellishments and a maroon silk skirt, a creation of the Lebanese Design Elie Saab. 


2022: Rihanna changes the game for maternity wear


With her pregnancy reveal photoshoot, with no special costume just her bare bump, Rihanna immediately redefined the perception and the cultural expectations of maternity wear. All of her nest looks included garments and items that would put the bump on display. 


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