Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

The fall season is officially upon us. Although some days might still feel like it's summer, the chilly mornings and nights say something different. The change in temperatures requires a change in the closets, so this transitional weather asks for a change in clothes too. As it might be still too early to pull out the heavier fabrics, with some smart styling tips, the summer wardrobe can work for early fall too. You might be wondering how? Well, here are some styling tips that you can include in your transitional fall dressing starting today. 

Smart layering

One of the best styling tips for a fall wardrobe is smart layering. The key to it is to include both thinner and heavier fabrics. What does it mean? Since the weather can still shift from chilly to pretty hot, thinner fabrics like cotton t-shirts will work greatly with heavier pieces like blazers or sweaters. 

Bold blazers

An essential clothing piece when it comes to transitional fall wardrobe is the blazer. As the market offers a great deal of blazer versatility, this is definitely a piece that can for both casual and more business-like outfits. Blazers in strong and bold colors are great for monochromatic dressing, while those in prints and patterns make it a statement fashion piece of the entire outfit. 

Summer dress revival

Do not say goodbye to your summer dresses just yet! You can still wear them this fall, by incorporating some fall elements and details like an oversized knit sweater, leather jacket, blazer etc. Also, some cool tights and ankle boots will deliver quite a fabulous look. 

Introducing darker colors

Another styling tip to the transitional fall wardrobe is introducing a darker color palette. This means that now is the right time to switch the vibrant and bold colors with more earthy, rich tones. Try to include deep burgundy, forest green, burnt orange, and similar tones that perfectly flatter the heavier fabrics. 

Go for closed-toe footwear

A smart fall transitioning includes smart footwear choices too. That means that open-toe options are no longer in the game. Instead, opt for closed-toe ones, that you can pair and style with almost every fall outfit. 

Autumn-ready accessories

The autumn-ready accessories are the ones that will add a great fall vibe and depth to the transitional wardrobe. Include hats, gloves, and scarves to add a warmth vibe to the clothes and deliver fall outfits. 

With these styling tips, you will easily and fashionably achieve great transitional fall outfits. 

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